Airnergy Charger

[Charge Your Phone Using Wifi Power]

Airnergy Charger is a unique invention which can harvest Wi-Fi Signals out of thin air and charge batteries with it.

This amazing technology picks up WiFi signals & converts them through the antenna into DC current. It is then stored in the internal lithium-ion battery of the device.

It’s developers, a company called RCA AirPower is planning to sell this device as a stand alone rechargeable power bank in the initial phase.

Once the product is proven in the market, they will then try to approach mobile companies with the proposal of embedding this tech in their smartphones.

This will not only help users get access to untapped energy floating around them everywhere they go, but will also reduce the electrical cost of charging your smartphone and other devices.

The company is expected to start sale of the product this summer at an expected retail price of $40. We hope that this we will be able to get better prices for more power capacity once the market demand rises.

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Posted on : 06 Apr 2016 @ 22:43

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