[The First Production-Grade 8k TV Model]

LG is planning to introduce its first production-grade 8K model as part of it’s 2016 TV lineup.

Currently called the UH9800, this TV will feature a 98-inch 8K Screen, a super-fast processor which will come with Web-OS 3.0 interface.

Showcased at the CES Las Vegas, this TV also features moving speakers for a more impactful visual and audio experience.

While there are other competitors in the 8K TV market, this model is certainly one of the largest 8K displays ever produced.


We currently don’t know what the pricing of this set will be, but if the pricing of Sharp’s 8K screen ($130,000) is any indication, we won’t be buying one of these anytime soon.

While this fact may be discouraging to some, it still highlights LG’s commitment to keep pushing the boundaries of image quality.

All we can hope for from this move is the beginning of a downward pricing spiral which will make current 4K displays more affordable for the general public.

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Posted on : 09 Apr 2016 @ 00:49

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