Researchers Discovered Anti-Memories

[Could Revolutionise Neuroscience]

A team of scientists at Oxford University believe that they’ve found the neurological equivalent of anti-matter.

Antimatter, material that exists as the mirror image of subatomic particles of matter, such as electrons, protons and quarks, but with the opposite charge.

Memories, at their fundamental level, are simply electrical connections between neurons. When you make a new memory, the connection between a set of neurons is strengthened.

Currently the researchers are relying on evidence derived from mouse-based experiments and theoretical models to support the hypothesis, though they have devised a means of testing it with humans.

A number of psychological disorders — from schizophrenia to autism — are believed to be instigated by asymmetric electrical activity in the brain.

This discovery could open a number of new research and treatment options.

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Source: Cell | Via: The Conversation
Category : Medical |
Posted on : 03 Apr 2016 @ 12:50

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