RoadMate 7670T-LM

[A Dashboard Camera With 340 Degree View]

The RoadMate 7670T-LM is a High-End Navigation System that comes with dual HD cameras, each with 170-degree wide-angle lenses mounted on the front and the rear of the car, to offer a video feed with a 340-Degree Field Of View.

In order to take care of the missed out field of vision, both cameras can rotate independently to cover any blindspots. The system that manages the cameras also lets you hook up an additional three external cameras for a better view.

The video from all the cameras feeds into the main navigation unit, which can then be viewed via a 7-inch capacitive touchscreen that can be fitted into/alongside the car’s entertainment system.

Apart from viewing the footage, you can also record two feeds at any given time, helping you save crucial evidence in case of accidents.

Built by GPS specialist Magellan, this setup could cost you around $179.99 and upwards. But given it’s role in ensuring your security, the cost justifies itself completely.

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Posted on : 08 Apr 2016 @ 13:45

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