A Cardboard House That Can Be Built In A Day

[Wikkelhouse Is Easy To Construct And Can Last Upto 100 years]

Sustainable housing is a big concern for people all over the world. People are always looking for ways to reduce construction time and increase longevity of structures, while keeping the environmental impact to a minimum.

Now, award winning architects from the Dutch design studio, Fiction Factory, have created a system, which will use cardboard as a building material to create an entire house in a single day.

This house will be constructed by layering cardboard’s through a large rotating machine, which will then create modular structures than will have the ability to last upto 100 years, while being three times as eco-friendly as regular houses.

They call this house, the Wikkelhouse, which means wrapper house. The process of wrapping corrugated cardboard in layers and gluing it together with an eco-friendly adhesive, helps give this house it’s strength, insulation and durability, thus justifying the name.

Since the process is designed to create modular structures, it can easily be used to create more complex constructions by combining different modules together.

Once constructed, these modules can be transported anywhere, and assembled in a day or two. It is during this assembly that the cardboard is covered with a waterproof, breathable film called Miotex which adds to the durability of the structure.

The Miotex needs to be replaced every 30 years, which is a cheap maintenance worry when compared to regular houses that last for 100 years and more.

The design and placements of different rooms, windows and doors is left entirely up to the imagination of the architects and the owners, making sure that you don’t compromise on aesthetic, while focusing on quality and speed.

You can buy a module for around $4,500, adding multiple modules to create whatever you want to. No matter what design you go with, in the end, it will still be relatively cheaper and more environment friendly than anything else in the market.

We are just waiting for them to come up with an off the grid model, so that our dreams of owning a cabin in the woods can become reality, in just one day.

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