A Single Injection To Eliminate Diabetes For Months

[Mice Injected With Protein Formula Showcase Type 2 Diabetes Remission]

Millions of people suffer from diabetes all around the world. Until now, researchers and doctors had only focused on the function of the organs in order to find a potential cure for the disease. However, a new research seems to prove that the brain could have a bigger role to play.

As part of this research scientists administered a protein injection directly into the brains of rodents with Type 2 Diabetes. This experiment showcased amazing results, as it put the animals into remission for several months.

The injection contained a low dose of synthesized Fibroblast Growth Factor 1 (FGF1), a growth-promoting protein, which had previously proven it’s ability to lower blood glucose levels in mice, but only for a day or two maximum.

However, when the same hormone was injected directly into the animals’ brains, the effects lasted up to 17 weeks, thus proving that the brain plays a much bigger role in how diabetes functions.

During the experiment, the researchers observed that the protein helped increase the production of neuro-protective proteins as well as strengthened connections in the hypothalamus, which helps to regulate appetite and metabolism.

These changes helped modify the systems in way that caused improved clearance of glucose after meals, leading to regulated blood sugar levels. The team repeated the experiment on two more sets of animals, to confirm the results before deciding to share the findings with the public.

Now that it’s clear that this method could prove beneficial as a diabetic treatment, the researchers now have the tough job of figuring out how to replicate it in humans. They will also be looking for alternatives to the brain injection, as it is not a viable solution for humans.

The closest they are hoping to come is with a form of nasal ingestion. Although human trails for this form of medicine are still years away, it certainly gives hope to lots of people all across the globe.

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Source: Nature
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Posted on : 28 May 2016 @ 16:05

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