BioMinF Toothpaste For Teeth Repair

[Special Ingredient Formula Repairs Teeth While You Sleep]

Dental decay and sensitivity are some of the most widespread problems in relation to dental health care in the world with millions of people suffering from direct or indirect effects caused by these issues.

Now a London based company, by the name of BioMin Technologies has come up with a brand new dental health product that will make these problems go away overnight.

This new product, known as BioMinF, is a toothpaste which contains a specially formulated ingredient mixture to help you not only strengthen your teeth, but also repair them as you sleep.

Developed by researchers from the Queen Mary University of London and Imperial College London, this toothpaste technology works nonstop for 8-12 hours after brushing, thus providing your teeth with long lasting protection and care.

The fluoride present in the toothpaste forms a special protective layer over the enamel, which prevents damage from acidic substances, while the calcium and phosphate work together with the saliva in your mouth to form a new mineral which strengthens and rebuilds damaged portions of the teeth.

These actions benefit not only the integrity of the tooth structure, but also helps lower sensitivity by forming a barrier over open tubules, thus blocking access to open nerves.

You can probably already buy this product at your nearest dentist for as low as £5 (US$7). If you can’t, then you can just wait for the proper commercial launch that is slated to happen by the end of the year.

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Source: BioMin
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Posted on : 18 May 2016 @ 13:02

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