Athena Protective Jewelry For Women

[Smart Alarm Pendant For Emergencies]

Women’s safety is a big concern for people all over the globe. The increasing attacks on women is forcing women to carry tasers, pepper sprays and several other forms of personal protection with them anywhere they go.

However, these devices offer limited safety when it comes to lengthened encounters with multiple assailants. In those times you need a way to alert your friends and family immediately of your location so that they can send people to save you.

While calling the police hotline is one potential solution. However, it takes time and concentration which you might not have at that moment. To help you in such a crisis, a company called Roar has introduced a smart jewelry called Athena, which connects to your phone via bluetooth and then sends texts and your location to your emergency contacts.

In addition to that, it also emits a loud alarm which alerts people in your near vicinity. The design of the device makes sure that only you can turn off the alarm, thus making it tamper proof.

For people in more severe emergencies, or in domestic violence cases, where a loud alarm would not help, there is also the option for silentROAR, where you can still send texts and coordinates, but without alerting your assailants to what you’re doing.

Since the whole system is designed to look like a jewelry item, you can wear it like a necklace, a bracelet, or just hang it from your belt.

The company is still working on adding more features to the product, such as direct contact with police and rescue officials, as well as a whole new design made exclusively for child safety.

The product is so necessary, that the company has already found five times their required funding through IndieGoGo. They are using that money to finish the production of the devices for the initial backers, before launching the product for the mass market. If you too want one, you can go to their website and pre-order it right now at $79.

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