Dual Sided Pill For Slow Release Medication

[Special Slow Release Drug Helps With Long Term Treatment]

Pills are the most common form of medication used for treating all sorts of diseases. However, the pill doesn’t get to release it’s full medical load since it can easily get stuck to liquid and food in the stomach, which drags it away before it does it’s job.

Now, researchers from MIT and Brigham and Women’s Hospital have designed a new Double Sided Pill, which promises to do a better job by attaching to the gastrointestinal lining and releasing its contents slowly and completely.

The pill was designed in accordance to the principles of a Janus device, and has a mucoadhesive side and an omniphobic side. The mucoadhesive sticks to mucosal surfaces, while the omniphobic repels liquids and food, thus providing a two-fold protection from premature detachment.

The actual medicine is placed between the two sides, so that it can release itself slowly, giving maximum benefit to the body. This sort of technology is great for frequently dosed drugs, as they have the potential to reduce the frequency of dosing, making the life of patients a bit easier.

Research is still ongoing for this new type of medication, and there is understandably a lot of interest to see when it becomes viable to mass produce. Whenever that does happen, it would be great news for both pill consumers and manufacturers.

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Source: MIT
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Posted on : 30 May 2016 @ 13:16

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