Flexible Sensors To Measure Blood Flow

[Non Invasive Sensors Measure Blood Flow From Over the Skin]

Collecting measurements regarding blood flow in the body is very important for treating several diseases. However, getting accurate data for a long period of time is almost impossible since most current testing tools require patients to stay still during the imaging procedure.

This can lead to false data, as well as the possibility of overlooking certain issues that might only arise when someone is in motion.

In order to make the whole process a lot more easy and instant, researchers at the University of Illinois have developed an Experimental Sensor which can stick to skin and constantly Measure Blood Flow for an extended period of time.

The researchers used layers of silicon, gold, chromium, and copper to create this device. These layers are supported by a 40-micrometer-thick layer of silicone, which is where most of the weight of the device comes from.

The sensor detects differences in heat patterns caused by the changes in blood flow beneath the skin. These differences are then used to calculate where and when the blood flow changes.

It is made sure that there isn’t any motion between the sensor and skin so that the readings are unaffected by the device itself.

Currently this sensor is in the testing phase, therefore keeping the focus entirely on the readings and accuracy. With time, the research will turn it’s focus towards making this a self-contained unit, with it’s own power source, so that it can be further tested in different settings.

It goes without saying that once that is achieved, these sensors would open new avenues for understanding and monitoring different health conditions through wearable devices.

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Posted on : 31 May 2016 @ 14:57

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