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[Kinect Like Sensor For Mobile VR]

VR Technology is the latest fad in the technology industry. Every company is trying to create market dominating VR and MobileVR devices for potential customers.

While most regular VR devices get the backing of solid graphics as well as body tracking, the field of MobileVR however still remains more of a passive entertainment option.

To change that, a 3D intelligence company called 3DiVi has brought to the market their own MobileVR system, called VicoVR. This system contains an Android/IOS compatible headset, a controller as well as a one of a kind virtual reality sensor designed exclusively for MobileVR.

The sensor is similar in design to the Microsoft Kinect, and is able to track depth and skeleton tracking in a field of view of 60 (horizontal) x 49.5 (vertical) x 73 (diagonal) degrees.

This way, it delivers not just proper full body tracking functionality, but full body tracking for two people at a time, making it the first VR sensor to do so.

This tracking is done in real time, with the feedback being send to your smartphone at 30 frames per second via bluetooth, ensuring a smooth user experience.

You can experience all the benefits of this device by signing up for the company’s Indiegogo Campaign, with preorder price set at $300. For this price you will get the full kit, including the headset, controller and sensor; with Google Cardboard content compatibility on board as well.

While proper content generation for VR is still a pipeline dream, the presence of this device has however opened new avenues of exploration for both content developers and end users.

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