Geizeer Compact Cooler

[Cools Your Room At 1 Cent Per Day]

Compact coolers are a great product for people who have to suffer through harsh summer weather without the option of proper air conditioning. While there are plenty of commercial and DIY cooler options out there, they aren’t the most well designed or portable products.

Now, a new product designed by two Latino innovators gives you the option of having a truly portable, compact cooler, which also has a great eco-friendly design.

This product is called Geizeer, an Evaporative Cooler, which claims to keep your ambient temperature cool for upto five hours at a time.

It takes a simple fan and places it over a smartly constructed ice pack, thus creating a mechanism for instantly cooled air, which can then be circulated 360 degrees around the device.

The whole setup is housed inside a beautiful box made from highly insulated wood, which helps in preventing premature evaporation due to excess heat.

The device takes very little energy input and can be run for a full day on just 1 cent. When totally evaporated, you can refill the ice pack and place it in your freezer for later use.

Due to it’s compact size and the ability to be charged via USB, it can be taken anywhere in your home, quenching your cooling needs wherever they may arise.

Currently, the product is on Kickstarter, where you can go pick one for yourself, starting from 75 Euros. it would be a great investment towards keeping you cool while reducing your energy consumption.

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Source: Kickstarter
Posted on : 31 May 2016 @ 19:56

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