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[App Turns Your Mobile Device Into A Science Lab]

Google has always been known to work towards building a better future through science. The future of science however doesn’t lie with us, but with our children. So, in order to encourage them from a very young age to be curious about science, Google has decided to turn our existing smartphones into a Mobile Science Lab for them.

Our mobile devices contain many sensors which can be used to measure different things such as light, motion, sound etc. These measurements may not mean anything to us, but for a potential scientist, these are great tools for executing experiments.

Now, through a smartphone app called “Science Journal“, Google has given it’s users the ability to tap into the data collected by these sensors. This data can then be used to test hypotheses about our environment through various experiments.

To make it easier to understand and interact with this data, the app creates real time visualizations of the data through graphs, and also lets you write down your observations in the inbuilt notebook for future reference.

The aim of this app is to let people of all ages explore the world around them through a scientist’s perspective, thus getting a new appreciation for science and technology.

To further this cause beyond just the app, Google is also working up Exploratorium, a science museum and educational organization, to create cheap Science Journal kits which will contain sensors, micro-controllers and craft supplies that will be compatible with the app. These tools will give extra dimensions to what students can accomplish with the app.

Google is betting big on the future of science and technology in school and colleges through this app. Google is also going to make this app open sourced, so that people can contribute directly in making sure that this great initiative doesn’t get outdated.

Although the sensor kits and source code will take some time to launch, you can still get the app and start with your tinkering, right now.

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