iTENS Pain Management Device

[Wireless Wearable Delivers Pain Relief via TENS Technology]

Chronic pain is a curse for the people who have to live with it. Although there are lots of pain medications on the market, they don’t provide any lasting solution for the problem.

People who suffer form this problem often use Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation (TENS or TNS) devices to manage their pain. These devices use electric current to stimulate the nerves in order to relieve pain.

While there are several TENS devices available on the market, most are wired and come with their own separate units and wires, making them bulky as well as taking away the possibility of wearing them discretely under the clothes.

The iTENS is a modern solution to this problem, that combines the pain relief technology with wearable technology to provide effective and lasting pain relief for users.

This is the World’s First FDA-Cleared, wireless TENS therapy device that can be controlled with an IOS / Android app. The apps connect the device to your smartphone, giving you the option of choosing preselected programs for pain relief.

The programs are based on the needs of specific areas and conditions, allowing for instant relief. You can even use the manual mode to create a customized program according to your personal needs.

In order to help you understand your pain patterns, the app allows you to track the pain relief results before and after each session. Since the device can be work anywhere, at any time, you can use it to compare your pain patterns between when you are resting and when you are on the move.

Keeping in mind the varying needs of the patients, the device comes with a smart lithium-ion battery, which provides 24 hours of use on a single charge.

Even the peel ‘n’ stick gel pads are reusable and replaceable for multiple applications, thus giving you the option of true mobility, without having to worry about restocking your supply every other day.

If you are one of the people who could benefit from such a system, you can buy it from their website right now.

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