LCD Lenses To Correct Eyesight

[Surgically Implanted Lenses As An Alternative To Spectacles]

With age, the lenses in our eyes start to stiffen. This happens when the muscle in the eyes can’t manipulate the lens to focus on different things. As a result, we need corrective eye glasses or contact lenses to help us see properly.

In order to remove the necessity of wearing eye glasses / contact lenses all the time, a PHD student from the University Of Leeds, by the name of Devesh Mistry, has suggested the use of Liquid Crystals Lenses (LCD Lens) implanted inside the eye itself.

This research is based on liquid crystals (which we already use for displays in televisions and smartphones) to create lenses, which would automatically focus light in response to eye movements of the person.

These lenses would be implanted into the eye via a minor surgery. However, how long will they stay effective is still something that needs to be researched.

The said research is being conducted in collaboration with the Eurolens Research at the University of Manchester, with funding from the contact lens manufacturer UltraVision CLPL.

Mistry hopes that he can work fast enough to get a full prototype ready by 2018, when his doctorate ends. If it happens as planned, we can expect to see the extinction of corrective eye glasses in under 10 years.

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Posted on : 24 May 2016 @ 21:28

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