Medisafe iConnect Pill Management System

[Keeps Track Of Medication Schedules Through Reminders And Reports]

As we have started to evolve into our sedentary lifestyles, the number of people suffering from a host of medical condition have increased, and almost all of them find it difficult to keep track of all the medications. Between our hectic work schedules and haphazard personal life, it’s easy to forget about your pills.

This is a problem faced by millions of people everyday. Not to mention, that, forgotten medication can have serious effects on people with serious health problems.

Now, a Boston based company called Medisafe, has found a way to address this issues through a new smart pill management system that keeps track of when you take your medication and reminds you when you don’t.

The system is called Medisafe iConnect and it consists of a Bluetooth equipped iCap, which can be screwed onto regular pill bottles instead of the original caps. The cap keeps records of when you open your bottle to take your pills, thus building a record side by side.

If you are one of those people who need to take multiple pills on a daily basis, then you can instead opt for the iSort weekly pill organizer which has separate containers to store your pills for each day of the week.

Both of these devices are connected to your smartphone / tablet via Bluetooth, so your records can be uploaded and maintained on the Medisafe app.

This app lets you create a schedule for all your pills, setting notification reminders for when you have to take them. If for any reason you miss the schedule, it can also alert your relatives/friends so that they can remind you to take your pills instead.

These daily reports can then be exported to your doctors so that they can keep track of your habits, saving you the trouble of recalling your daily schedule for them.

If you want to take advantage of this amazing system, you can pre-order the iCap for $20 and the iSort for $50 from the company website. The app is free.

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