Meet Saya The CGI Animated Schoolgirl

[Japanese 3D Artist Couple Create Hyper-Realistic Model Of A Girl]

Technology is progressing at the speed of light. The moment we decide to create any new limitations for technological development, we realize that someone out there is already breaking them.

This saying is true for not just hardware technology, but software as well. Today we are talking about one such breakthrough in the frield of graphics technology, in the form of Saya.

Saya is the CGI based creation of Japanese 3D artist couple, Teruyuki and Yuki Ishikawa. They created her as a means of expression for their love of art.

At first glace, or even the second or third one, it’s almost impossible to believe that the pictures that we see in this article are completely CGI based. However, when you see the different rendering, you realize just how far graphics technology has come.

Initially created as a pet project, Saya has now trespassed the realm of the digital and is ready to come into our world, through a movie which the artist couple are self-producing.

If successful, this demonstration will usher in a new era of CGI based movies and game, blurring the line between reality and fantasy even more.

Until that happens, go ahead and browse the picture gallery to enjoy the sight of the surreal girl.

Picture Gallery

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Source: Akihabara
Category : Softwares / Web
Posted on : 21 May 2016 @ 05:31

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