Microsoft Kinect Hollagram Selfie Booth

[Augmented Reality Booth Turns People Into Holograms]

Microsoft Kinect is a simple tool for scanning your body to help you play video games. However, the true potential of a technology that can track and recreate your body into the digital world has yet to be unlocked.

Taking a fun step in this direction is a company called VNTANA, created by Ashley Crowder and Ben Conway, who are using hacked Microsoft Kinect’s to create holograms of real people in real time.

The scanning part of the process is already taken care of by the kinect, while the projection part is taken care of by a very smart piece of code created by the developers at VNTANA.

When combined, it makes it possible to showcase full sized 3D holographic projections of people from anywhere in the world, to anywhere in the world.

In order to showcase this ability, the company has created what they call a Hollagram, which is an augmented reality photo booth, where people can stand in front of one of these hacked kinect, and see their hologram appear before them in real time.

This technology had been present before, but making it happen at such a low price point open up tons of avenues for it’s application.

One example of this, is the ability of a doctor to have an in-person visit with a patient on the other side of the world, just by using this hologram technology.

The fact that Microsoft is supportive of such endeavors is good news enough to make us believe that one day, soon enough, we will be living in a world full of holographic interactions.

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Posted on : 23 May 2016 @ 01:14

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