Non-Invasive Blood Glucose Monitor

[Device Uses Microwaves to Sample Blood For Sugar Levels]

Blood Sugar is a disease that millions of people are forced to live with all around the world. Other than the negative health issues, a major part of what makes blood sugar such a problem is the monitoring process itself.

In order to know the condition of blood sugar levels, patients are forced to take daily tests, which require a blood sample.

While a single drop of blood is not that big of a sacrifice, it still prompts the needs for a less invasive method of glucose monitoring.

Now, researchers at the Cardiff University in Wales, UK have developed a Blood Glucose Sensor that doesn’t need to sample blood to measure blood sugar levels.

The sensor uses low energy microwaves to evaluate the blood and then calculates accurate blood sugar levels based on the returning signal.

In order to make sure that the device works properly with the person using it, it requires an initial drawing of blood, which helps calibrate the device with the user.

These devices are still undergoing clinical trails to ensure safety, before they can be mass produced for the market. We will keep bringing you all the updates as they get released.

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Category : Medical
Posted on : 29 May 2016 @ 06:59

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