Nvidia’s Drive PX 2 Processor

[World's First In-Car AI Supercomputer]

Self Driving Vehicles are the future that we are all looking forward to. Many car companies have already made great strides in the area. However, all the work that they do is useless, unless the car gets a brain that can utilize all the possibilities in real time.

To make sure that this happens, Nvidia has introduced the World’s First In-Car AI Supercomputer, called the Nvidia’s Drive PX 2.

The PX 2 is the second iteration of Nvidia’s in car computer, which features a serious upgrade jump over it’s predecessor.

The new model houses 12 CPU cores, which provide an approximate 8 teraflops of processing power, which can support up to 24 trillion deep learning operations per second. In layman terms, that’s 6 times as powerful as the Titan graphics card, and the equivalent of 150 MacBook Pros.

The system is mode up of 2 Tegra CPUs combined with 2 GPUs, and is based on the company’s famous Pascal architecture. The whole setup is liquid cooled for seamless performance.

Some might think that this much power for a single car is overkill, but the company believes that it is essential if the car is expected to navigate autonomously with 360 degree real time situational awareness.

To support situational awareness, the system comes with Nvidia’s DriveWorks Software, which is designed to handle inputs from 12 video cameras, ultrasonic sensors, and both radar and LiDAR. These inputs are then patched together to create a picture of the world around it.

The computer uses this picture to make decision about driving style and tactics, while finding the safest possible route in all kinds of lighting and weather conditions.

The system will be tested by Volvo, under it’s Drive Me autonomous car pilot program, which will feature a fleet of 100 XC90 SUVs fitted with the PX 2.

Once the design and performance is proven, we can expect other car companies to get involved too, thus pushing the future of self driving cars a lot more closer to reality.

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