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[iPhone Addons Let You Perform Eye Exams Anywhere]

Eye care is a very immobile profession as the equipment needed to properly test eyesight is often very expensive and heavy. This forces patients to come to the doctor rather than the doctor being able to go to the patient.

Due to this fact, combined with the lack of proper eye treatment centers in most rural areas, thousands of people across the world end up suffering from permanent eye damage.

To prevent this from happening, a company by the name of oDocs Eye Care has introduced a range of Eye Examination Tools, which use your iPhone’s camera to help you test a patient’s eyesight.

These tools are essentially camera accessories and can easily fit on any current iPhone model. A special app lets you control these lenses and conduct tests easily.

There are two main accessories that do the work for you. One is called the visoClip, a small clip that goes over the rear camera and turns it into an anterior segment microscope. It captures a HD view of the front third of the eye, which you can adjust to upto 10x magnification.

The device also has a 15 mm (0.6 in)-wide light beam with white and blue optical filters, which gives doctors the ability to perform different tests, including the use of stains.

The second accessory, called the visoScope, works like a fundus camera and adds retinal imaging capabilities to the iPhone. It’s anti-reflective crown lens provides a 50° field of view for better diagnosis.

Both devices are 3D Printed, specifically to be durable and waterproof, so that they can be used anywhere, without worry. There are similar devices out there, but in the end it all comes down to quality.

If you are an eye doctor and want to add these tools to your kit, then you can go to the company website and pre-order them right now. The prices vary depending on the kind of finish you want to get. Whatever you choose, the orders will be shipped by the end this year.

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