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[Turn Your Phone Into A One Handed DSLR]

It would be not much of an exaggeration if we say that smartphones have completely changed the way we approach photography. With the steady incremental upgrades in smartphone camera technologies rolling in over the last couple of years, smartphone manufacturers have made sure that once you buy their product, you won’t miss your traditional camera anymore.

Given the clarity and detail that can be captured by smartphone cameras today, this statement too is not much of an exaggeration. Spearheading this revolution in smartphone photography is Apple, with it’s flagship IPhone range.

The thing that makes IPhone cameras so desirable for photography in relation to traditional bulky DSLR’s is the fact that they can capture equally beautiful pictures as compared to the DSLR, while still enjoying a huge advantage in body size, weight and portability.

While it does make it easier for people to take photographs, however, unfortunately, in the process of doing that, it takes away the tactile feel of taking a photograph. The whole process becomes too clinical, thus compromising on the joy of photography.

Now, a New York based company Miggo has introduced a spectacular gadget that will give you the best of the both worlds and bring back the joy of photography into your life.

The Pictar, in basic terms, is a molded hand grip dock, which fits all models of the IPhone (4-6s) and has button controls which let you turn your smartphone into a one handed traditional camera.

You can guess what most of these physical buttons do; a shutter release button that mirrors the dual press shutter button on regular DSLR’s, a zoom ring that doubles up as a button switch between the front and the rear camera and a programmable smart wheel.

In addition to these buttons, there is also a quarter inch threaded tripod mount on the device, along with a cold shoe mount for lights and microphones.

Between all these features, and the camera itself, the Pictar makes your device as functional as a real DSLR. To use these buttons and features, all you have to do is attach the Pictar to your phone.

The device will connect and communicate with the phone using power conserving inaudible high frequency audio signals, giving you a hassle free user experience.

If you feel like this is something you would want to try out, then you can get more information about it on the company’s Kickstarter page.

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