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[World’s First In-Ear Translator Gadget]

Despite all our advances in science and technology, language translation is still a headache for most people. There are apps and websites that translate texts for you, but audio translations are still not a perfect science.

Now, a company called Waverly Labs has come up with a gadget that claims to help you translate and listen to different languages in real life.

The device, called the Pilot, is an earpiece which fits inside your ear and acts as a voice recording, translation and noise cancellation unit.

It reduces ambient noise so the device can record what the other person is speaking. This audio is then translated through an accompanying app and relayed back to you in your native language.

So, in order to use is effectively, you will have to own two of these earpieces, one for you and the other for the person you are talking to.

The company says that it is also working on a separate standalone unit, which will translate almost any audio near you.

The Pilot itself is said to support English, French, Spanish and Italian, with support for more languages promised, once the gadget hits the market.

Currently the device is up for funding on IndieGoGo, where it already raised more than a million dollars in one day, selling all the early bird devices too.

If you want to get one for yourself, you can still go to their IndieGoGo page and pre-order one for $199. For those who want to wait, the device will go on sale around the end of the year.

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