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Every year, dozens of smartphones are launched in various categories and price points. They all feature different specifications and features, as well as different sized batteries.

No matter which smartphone you use, or what it’s battery capacity is, the general consensus amongst the public is that smartphone charging still needs a lot of improvement.

While Quick Charging technologies and the presence of power banks has made it quite easy for most smartphone owners to keep their devices powered up, there are still inevitable instances where you will find your smartphone low of battery, with no options of charging nearby.

Paul Worgan, from the University Of Bristol has come up with a great solution for these exact moments in the form of PowerShake, a special Qi Coil based technology that lets two people share their battery with each other wirelessly.


As we know, Qi is one of the leading standards for Wireless Charging in smart devices these days. So, by adapting this existing technology in a new way, the PowerShake technology becomes instantly compatible with most smart devices out there, including wearables and fitness trackers.

To use this amazing technology, all you have to do is hold your PowerShake enabled device against another PowerShake enabled device, effortlessly transferring power from one device to another.

The amount of time you hold the devices together is directly proportional to the amount of charge that will be transferred. The current base minimum amount given by the PowerShake team is 12 seconds for a one minute phone call.

Now that this technology exists, all that’s left to be seen is, how long will it take for this technology to adopted by mainstream manufacturers, as well as, whether people would be comfortable sharing their own battery with others.

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Posted on : 10 May 2016 @ 01:16

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