Self Cleaning Clothes

[New Technology Uses Light To Clean Clothes]

Even with the advancements in technology, doing laundry is still one of the least enjoyable chores that we have to do almost every few days.

Now imagine being able to clean your shirt by simply taking a walk on a sunny day or just hanging it under an artificial light.

These impossible sounding things are almost within our grasp thanks to a new technology developed by Australia’s Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology (RMIT).

This new technology works by growing copper and silver-based nanostructures on fabrics. When these metallic nanostructures are exposed to light they create “hot electrons” that in turn release energy bursts that dissolve organic matter.

This technology can work by exposure to both natural or man-made light sources. This way you don’t have to rely on solar power alone.

To create these Self-Cleaning Fabrics, the MIT team used different solutions which caused the nanostructures to grow on the textile.

Once the clothes were submerged into the solutions, it took about 30 minutes for the nanostructures to form. After that, they tested the clothes by staining them.

The fabric reacted as expected, and the cleaning action take place in as little as six minutes, making it one of the fastest self cleaning fabric technology present today.

In addition of speed, the technique is also cheap, thus making it easily scalable to an industrial scale.

There are still a lot of different tests to run in relation to all the things that stain our clothes in day to day life, but we are hopeful that once those are taken care of, we will see a new revolution in the clothing industry.

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