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[Now Make Any Truck Autonomous]

Self-driving trucks is not a new concept. Companies like Daimler are already testing their prototypes on highways all across the world. There is a hope that once this technology hits the streets, it will help make transport a more safe and efficient.

However, many people don’t like this concept, especially those people who already own their own trucks and don’t have the capital to invest in new ones, no matter how efficient they may be.

In order to solve this dilemma, a new startup called OTTO, has promised a new self-driving technology that can be placed inside existing trucks, turning them into truly self-driving trucks.

This self-driving technology would be sold in kits, which would comprise of sensors, vehicle hardware and self-driving software. All these would be compatible with the truck’s existing mechanics, thus letting the system work without any problems.

As you can guess, the radars, sensors and cameras would provide a direct feed to the software, which will then make the decisions, based on which the hardware will make changes to the driving style of the truck.

It goes without saying that the driver would have to be educated on how to supervise and take care of the system. However, so far there has been no word about how the company would handle that issue. We also don’t know which truck models this system would target initially, and at what cost.

However, it is safe to assume that the cost would be nowhere near as expensive as buying a brand new self-driving truck. In a manner, this will give a sense of optimism to those people who are afraid of self-driving vehicles taking their jobs. It’s a way of bringing their hard work and years of investment into the 21st century.

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