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[Smart Mirror With In-built Smartphone]

Smartphones come in all shapes and sizes. No matter what form factor or brand you might use, the most used feature of any smartphone is the selfie.

Now, taking your selfie game to the next level is a new product called the Selfie Mirror, a smart mirror with an inbuilt smartphone.

The mirror features a discreet HD Camera which takes pictures of anything in front of it. The pictures are illuminated by a 2000 Lumens light which circles the mirror.

In addition to taking pictures and videos of yourself, but you can also use it as a motion sensor activated security camera.

There is an IPS Screen hidden under the mirror, which when activated can be used as a touchscreen to replay recorded footage as well as use apps.

There are speakers built into the edges which can be used for internet calls as well as regular music and video playback.

As far as smart devices go, it provides you all the functionalities that you would expect from a smartphone.

If you want to own one for yourself, then you can go to the company website and order one for yourself.

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Posted on : 29 May 2016 @ 14:40

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