Silent Partner Anti-Snoring Device

[Device Uses Active Noise Cancellation to Cancel Sound of Snoring]

Snoring is one of the worst non-lethal afflictions to have. Not only does it create problems for people who do it, but it’s even more painful to bear for people who sleep in close proximity to them.

There are many devices out there that help reduce snoring, but now, a new device has arrived in the market which claims to end the snoring sound itself.

This device is called the Silent Partner. It is an over the nose Noise Cancellation device, which detects the frequency of the snores and emits sounds that cancel it out.

By doing so, it creates a sphere of noise cancellation near the head, thus giving people nearby the gift of soundless sleep.

The device first appeared on IndieGoGo, where it shattered it’s goals easily, with the help of backers from over 80 countries.

The deliveries of those early backers are expected to roll out soon. If you too want to buy this device for yourself or your loved once, you can pre-order them at the companies website.

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Source: Silent Partner | Via: IndieGoGo
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Posted on : 22 May 2016 @ 20:16

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