Smart Scalpel For Brain Surgery

[New Invention Helps Doctors Find Cancer Tissues]

Brain Surgery is one of the most complicated procedures performed on the human body. It’s specially difficult for the brain surgeon, as they have to tell the tumorous tissue from healthy tissue in the middle of a procedure, just by poking around.

To help make this process a lot more safer and a lot less risky, is a new invention developed by researchers at Belgium’s Free University of Brussels, simply called the Smart Scalpel.

This scalpel is designed similar to regular scalpels, however, it features a spherical tip on the end. This spherical tip contains Self-Sensing Actuators, which induce vibrations into the brain tissue to estimate the mechanical properties of the tissue in question.

These properties are then crosschecked with previous readings of healthy tissues to determine if the tissue in question is cancerous or not.

All this happens in just 400 milliseconds, thus providing surgeons with real time visual/audio cues about the health of the tissue.

This scalpel is even more productive in working with early stage brain tumors, which aren’t always visible in the operating room and can masquerade as healthy tissue.

Once this miraculous device clears all stages of testing, we are sure it will prove very useful in saving thousands of lives in surgery.

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Category : Medical
Posted on : 20 May 2016 @ 19:19

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