Sony Files Patent For Contact Lens With Camera

[Click And Record Pictures/Videos Just By Blinking]

Wearable are the way of the future. Every company wants a piece of the potentially lucrative, augmented reality market, with some companies far ahead in development when compared to others. Where Augmented Reality Devices like Google Glass failed to generate any buzz, tech giants now feel that instead of Smart Glasses, Smart Contact Lenses are the way of the future.

This fact has been proven again by Sony, who has filed for a US Patent for a Smart Lens which will feature an inbuilt camera as well as embedded storage space. This means that the device in question will not only records video and images with a simple blink, but it will be able to store them on the device itself, essentially giving you a storage space sitting on your eyeballs.

While most patents filed by other tech giants such as Samsung and Google show relatively simpler devices aimed more at entertainment and medical uses, the device from Sony on the other hand features a more robust surveillance system with an image capture unit, a main control unit, storage module, antenna and a piezoelectric sensor.

These piezoelectric sensors are the real amazing piece of technology in the whole design, as they would be able to sense how long eyelids remain closed to differentiate between conscious blinks and unconscious blinks.

This way the users have access to a simple control mechanism to see, focus and capture photos and videos which would take little to nil effort from their side.

Since there is no mention of a dedicated power storage system, we assume that the power would come through wireless pairing with a nearby smartphone, tablet or computer.

It’s still not clear what kind of technology they would use to make it happen, but nevertheless, it’s a long way away.

What this patent does show however is a digital future where wearables too shall obey Moore’s Law.

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