TwiCycle 2WD Bicycle

[A Full Body Workout Transport System]

Technology today works 24 hours a day to make us more comfortable. No matter how many times we repeat this fact, it doesn’t become any more unreal. The extent to which technology contributes to our sedentary lifestyles is so scary that people have actively started revolting against it.

This revolt has surfaced in the form of a workout revolution, which has seen more and more people adopting healthier lifestyle choices for themselves and their families.

One of the most popular choice for health enthusiasts when it comes to getting fit is riding a bike. This practice, which has been an integral form of transport in rural settings for decades, is now enjoying a sudden resurgence of popularity in the urban scene too.

More and more people are choosing to ride bikes to their offices, the beach or even on a mountain trail. The versatility and ease of use truly makes this a great way to save on both workout time as well as transport costs. It truly is a cost effective measure of getting fit and having some fun.

While most users can’t praise the practice enough, there are still some people that hope the activity was more engaging, since currently the whole workout is focused mostly on the leg muscles.

To assuage those people, and help evolve a sport that hasn’t seen any radical evolution in ages, an inventor by the name of Boyan Rista, has decided to bring to the market a new invention, called the TwiCycle.

This new take on the traditional cycle features two sets of pedals, one for the legs, and the other for the arms. This gives the user a unique experience of peddling with their legs, their arms or both.

If you decide to use both your arms and legs for a complete body workout, you also unlock the special 2WD mode in the bike. The power from your legs goes to the real wheel which the power from your arms goes to the front wheel.

With both the wheels getting independent power, you are able to get more traction and speed, thus making the bike more efficient and fun.

Keeping rider safety in mind, a special chest pad is mounted on the stem, so that you don’t accidentally fall into the front pedals due to any reasons.

The bike is currently in funding stages. Once it goes through that, you can book one for yourself and enjoy a full body workout.

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Posted on : 17 May 2016 @ 03:58

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