Voice Of Life App For Premature Babies

[Samsung App Lets Mothers Connect With Preemies In Incubators]

Every year, countless number of premature delivers happen. It’s a fact of life that affects lots of parents and children all over the world.

These premature babies, or preemies, are kept in incubators which are critical to support their life systems until they are strong enough to live and breathe on their own.

This can sometime means months of scattered hospital visits and heartache for the mothers. On the other hand, the lack of a mother’s touch can also lead to problems in the babies development.

In order to help lessen this pain for the mothers, and give back the babies that reassurance of being in a womb, Samsung is developing a special app which would let the mothers record their voice as well as heartbeats for the babies to listen to.

These sounds are then treated through a special software, which remove the high frequencies in order to stimulate the audio a baby would hear inside the womb.

This way, when the sound is then played to the baby through speakers located inside the incubator, it gives them the sense of being close to their mothers, thus soothing them.

The mothers also get the sense that they are in constant connection with their child.

Samsung is hoping that once this technology is completed, it will be adopted in hospitals all across the world, giving thousands of mothers a reason to rejoice.

It is one of those time, when technology truly inculcates the human touch.

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