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[Keyboard Lets User Tap To Type On Any Surface]

Wearables are the trend of the future. Every company is making them in different sizes, shapes and forms for different users and uses. However, even with the development of all these wearable devices, the methods of input remain limited to bulky bluetooth keyboards and small screens.

Now a startup called Tap Systems has come up with a new invention that will let you interact with all these wearable devices in a completely different way.

The device is called the Tap Strap Wearable Keyboard. As the name suggests, it’s a wearable keyboard that wraps around your fingers and lets you tap type on any surface.

Since it wraps around your hand like a glove, there is no need for a big frame or long wires. All you need to do is connect it to your device via bluetooth and start tapping.

The device is as versatile as it is simple. You can use it with all types of iOS and Android phones, tablets, Mac and Windows PCs as well as smart TVs and other wearables.

You can choose to wear either one device in either hand, or two in both for two handed typing. All you need to do is tap thrice with your thumb to switch on the device and taps thrice with the ring finger to switch it off. The sensors present in the strap are quite sharp and can easily identify between different hand and finger movements.

So all you need to worry about is typing practice. In order to learn the different movements and gesture combinations for the device, you can download the TapGenuis app, which contains all the required tutorials and games. This app is currently available only for IOS, but will appear on other platforms soon.

Just like most other wearable, the charging is done via a micro USB and takes three hours to fully charge from empty. Once fully charged, it can be typed with for 4 hours or 72 hours standby.

The device has great potential for gaming, augmented reality and virtual reality as well. So, if you want to experience it for yourself, you can sign up for the waitlist on the companies website.

The waitlist is crucial if you want to get your hands on the Tap Strap immediately after it’s commercial launch sometime this year. It will be priced at approximately US$119 and will have different size options as well.

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