Wireless Headphone With Language Translation Feature

[Total Encapsulation Headphones Promise Ultimate Sound And Features]

Capitalizing on the ever improving sound technology and wireless connectivity, a startup called Human Inc. has announced a special Sound Program for audiophiles. Under this program, they are set to introduce a pair of total encapsulation headphones, designed to offer personal surround sound.

According to the company’s claims, the devices will not just be used for wireless listening, but will also double up as Portable Speakers and language translators.

The Seattle-based startup has already raised $5 million in investment for this program and is just beginning to give information about it’s yet unnamed product.

This Wireless Earphones they are promising are supposed to be sleek and efficient, with the option to increase or decrease the ambient noise, offering you excellent sound with noise cancellation and without interruptions.

The constant sync and instant connectivity features are already much sought after in the audiophile community, even though they aren’t as exciting as Language Translation.

We should mention that the company is yet to confirm a lot of these details, but what is confirmed, is the fact that there are tactile controls for volume adjustments, track selection and answering phone calls, which will help towards reducing the clutter and making the design even more sexy.

Now that the company has got us so hyped, we will certainly be looking forward to more information about this products.

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Posted on : 30 May 2016 @ 01:26

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