World’s First 3D-Printed Office

[Office Building Inaugurated in Dubai's Emirates Towers Complex]

3D Printing technology was always expected to be utilized in revolutionizing the field of architecture. When first developed, it was hoped that in the near-future, designers would be able to literally click-and-print buildings, thus creating a low cost alternative tho traditional construction methods.

What we didn’t expect was that dream of come true so soon. This sudden fulfillment came in the form of the World’s First 3D-Printed Office, which was just completed and inaugurated in Dubai.

Located within Dubai’s Emirates Towers Complex, this office is not a demo piece, rather a fully-functional office covering 250 sq m (2,690 sq ft) area.

This project was completed in collaboration with Chinese 3D printing firm WinSun, and used a 3D printer measuring 20 x 120 x 40 ft (6 x 36 x 12 m) to create most of the structure by extruding a cement mixture layer by layer. They used additional printers for smaller, more delicate constructs.

It took 17 days to print all the parts, which were then assembled on-site in 2 days. The finished structure was then painted and polished like any other office building to give it the sleek look it now has.

The Dubai government hasn’t released any information on the budget for the project, but did say that the labor cost was half of what it would be for a regular building of the same size.

This building has proved that it is possible to easily create buildings for usage, not just for demonstration purposes. The government of Dubai now plans to use this same method for more buildings of differing sizes and shapes in order to make Dubai a leader in 3D Printing.

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Posted on : 31 May 2016 @ 06:08

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