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[New Powerful Vaiant For Yamaha's Three-Wheeler Scooter Range]

Three Wheeled Scooters are the latest fad in Europe. They carry on the tradition of driving scooters while offering better stability and safety to people who have gotten used to driving cars instead.

Companies like Piaggio, Quadro and Peugeot offer many options in this segment, however it was Yamaha who eventually got the ball rolling with their 125cc Tricity Scooter.

This scooter targeted new riders who only had the European introductory A1 license, which limits them to driving scooters with 125 cc and 11 kW power only. Since it was great option at a great price (below €4,000/US$4,450) it was an immediate success.

While the scooter did great sales and is still very popular, it too faced it’s own restrictions of being limited to the 125cc segment. This is a problem, since according to European legislation, vehicles below 126 cc are not allowed on highways.

This regulation cut down their market considerably since people were then forced to buy another scooter just for highway riding. To overcome that handicap, Yamaha has now introduced the bigger brother if the Tricity range in the form of the Tricity 155.

The Tricity 155, as the name suggests, packs a liquid-cooled 155 cc engine with Variable Valve Actuation system. You can’t tell the difference between the two models based on just looks. But when you take a look under the hood, the big changes reveal themselves.

The most obvious difference is that the engine produces 14.9 hp (11.1 kW) power and 14.4 Nm (10.6 lb-ft) torque. This is an increase of 4 hp (3 kW) and 4 Nm (2.9 lb-ft) over the 125cc model.

In addition, the 155 also has a bigger fuel tank that holds 7.2 l (1.9 gallon), compared to the 6.6 l (1.7 gallon) of the 125. The wheels have been upgraded to 13 inches for the rear wheel, which gives it better comfort and the change in the design opens up more under seat cargo space.

The rest of the systems are kept the same, so that the scooter doesn’t lose it’s character. However, unfortunately, the changes have increased the weight of the scooter to 165 kg (363.8 lb), which is 9 kg (19.8 lb) more than the 125.

To make sure the added weight doesn’t cause any safety concern, Yamaha has introduced ABS braking, while taking the opportunity to place a parking brake lever on the left side of the handlebars.

All these feature give a whole new personality to the scooter, while still retaining the original charm that made it so popular with the crowd.

For those people who are thinking of getting the new Tricity 155 for themselves, the wait will be a short one, as the scooter is expected to begin sales in the European market around September, at a retail price of €4,499 (US$5,000).

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