3Doodler Create 3D Pen

[Device Lets Users Create 3D Artwork Through 3D Printing]

3D Printing as a technology has seen plenty of advancements in the past few years. Where initially it was limited to bulky printers and complex mechanics, we now are seeing lots of new devices pop up in the market that provide the same functionality in smaller form factors.

The more popular amongst these different form factors are tiny Box Size Printers and 3D Printing Pens. These devices are made specifically for personal use, rather than industrial purposes.

One such cool device is the 3Doodler, a pen that lets you draw shapes in three dimensions by using a special molten plastic that hardens as soon as it comes into contact with open air.

This device was great for personal use, but was still a bit bulky and used to get a bit hot while use. The company behind it has worked very hard to take care of these issues, and has re-released the pen in the new avatar of the 3Doodler Create.

This new variant of the pen is a lot more sleeker, with a sexy aluminum case that is available in lots of color options. In addition it also gets an ambient light bar which indicates when the device is active.

The internals have been revamped too, allowing the pen to work a lot more smoothly than before. These internals are a lot easier to maintain as well, thanks to the cleaning tools that come with the device.

If you want to use this pen for your own artistic pleasure, then you can order it from the Company Website for $99, with existing customers receiving a 50% discount.

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Source: 3Doodler
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Posted on : 20 Jun 2016 @ 20:52

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