A Stethoscope For Knees

[Special Microphone To Detects Knee Health Status]

Our knee joints make constant noise as we move. These sounds are often audible to the human ear as faint cracks and pops. There is a possibility that these sounds could be used as an indication of joint health.

However, since the sounds are so low, it’s not possible to utilize this method currently. In order to make this type of diagnosis possible, researchers at Georgia Tech are currently working on a one of a kind, stethoscope for the knees.

This mechanism would use microphones and a film-based vibration sensor to listen and record the sounds coming from the joints.

The data collected through this method would then be used to determine audio characteristics of healthy knees compared to injured ones.

The doctors can use the changes in the audio profile of a patient to give an easy and instant diagnosis about their condition and the rate of their recovery.

The funding for this research is being provided by DARPA, who hope to use this technology to detect and avoid injuries in soldiers.

In addition to early detection, this technology would also prove invaluable in tracking post surgical progress of regular patients.

Now all we have to do is wait for the researchers to create a portable wearable device that uses this technology, so that it can be used in all corners of the world.

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