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[Solar Powered Cooling System For Shopping Center]

Solar power is a great way of solving the energy problems of people all over the world. The biggest use of power, however, is directed to heating and cooling systems, which often don’t run on solar panels.

Now, CSIRO in collaborated with the Australian Renewable Energy Agency is bringing a solution to this problem in the form of one of a kind Solar Powered Air Conditioning System.

This system is a “closed-loop” air-conditioner. These systems heats and cools the air within a building without actually using any external air.

To cool the air without any outside interference, the system uses Indirect Evaporative Cooler along with a dehumidifying system to keep the air cool. This is also called a Desiccant System.

What makes this system both efficient and completely self sustained is the fact the it uses solar panels to collect the heat needed for powering the evaporation process.

Before it can be used for the evaporation process, the heat is first stored using trough collectors into special thermal oil tanks. This heat is around the temperatures of 150-200 Degrees.

This amount of heat is not only enough to run the cooling process during the summer, but also keep the building warm during winters, thus making it a truly well rounded system.

The team has placed this unique system inside the Stockland Wendouree Shopping Centre in Ballarat, Victoria, where it will run for an entire year as an experiment.

During this time, the team will be constantly monitoring the efficiency of the system, and how much savings can it really produce in terms of both energy consumption and pollution control.

If successful, this system could pave way for the mass adoption of the solar-concentrating thermal technology for temperature control needs in both commercial and residential locations.

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Source: CSIRO
Posted on : 27 Jun 2016 @ 14:00

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