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[Interactive Personal Robot For Your Home]

Personal Robots have always been the point of fascination for people. While the technology for developing humanoid robots that can serve all our needs is still far away, it doesn’t mean that we have to give up on our dreams of a robot assistant.

In order to make those dreams a reality, Asus is bringing to the market, a cute little tablet on wheels called Zenbo. The reason for calling it that is because that’s what it is, a tablet mounted on a body with wheels that follows you around all day.

But what makes it special is it’s unique software that gives it the personality of a friend / assistant. It is this software that lets it navigate independently around your house to assist you with day to day tasks.

The main part of the interface is it’s camera, which constantly scans the environment around it, so that it can move through the house without bumping into things.

In addition, the camera can also recognize you through facial recognition, so that you don’t have to worry about setting passwords for easy access to all it’s functions and profiles.

This way, when you receive a call, text or email, Zenbo will deliver it to you and you only, thus making your communications more secure.

Apart from the security function, Zenbo can also help you control all the different smart home devices through voice commands, thus giving you a portable way of automating your home.

These features, mixed with all the other functionalities of a tablet make this little robot a great way of staying connected to the world.

Asus has worked really hard to make sure that the robot is easy to use and appears friendly, so that you don’t have to worry about trusting it with your family.

While this much functionality is not enough for some people to justify it’s purchase, for others, it’s a quirky way of interacting with the online world. Asus is betting on the developers to help improve this platform further, making it more than just an assistant.

So far it is only in the development stage, so you won’t be able to get one just yet. But when Asus does release it, the Zenbo will cost you around $600. So be ready to splurge.

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