Atlantis, The Submarine With Gills

[Submarine Uses Technology Which Extracts Oxygen Directly From SeaWater]

Breathing under water is a dream for a lot of people. While oxygen tank and diving gear do make it possible to follow that dream, the duration is always as limited as the tank capacity.

Many companies have tried to form a technology, that will remove this limit by creating oxygen directly from water. Unfortunately, however plausible in theory, his technology has never been proven in practice, until now.

Now, a company called Like-A-Fish Technologies, has found a way to re-aerate the oxygen supply through water by using a special pump.

To make it work, the was is pumped through 8 meters of narrow tubing. It is then shifted to a centrifuge, where the heavy particles are separated from the light particles, i.e., water from air.

This process formed the basis for the creation of SP-350 Denise, a fully functional system being used in an Italian submarine, called Atlantis.

The Atlantis is the proof of concept, that the ‘Like-a-Fish’ patented technology works, and can easily extract breathable air directly from the water during travel.

This single man operation submarine can carry up to four people and last more than four hours in each dive. Lithium-Ion batteries are used to power the twin 40-horsepower electrical engines as well as the re-aerator.

With improvement in battery technologies, it may be possible to sustain even longer dives, since the system eliminates the need to store large amount of oxygen on board.

Now that this technology has proven itself to be practical, it’s only a matter of time before we start seeing a radical change in how we interact with underwater environments, both on a commercial as well as individual level.

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Posted on : 10 Jun 2016 @ 15:40

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