ATSC 3.0 Television Broadcast Antenna

[LG Demonstrates Next Generation Broadcast Technology]

Broadcast antennas have been an integral part of media broadcast since the time TV’s were first invented. However, with the influx of high definition data and content, they seem to have lost their relevance.

Now, LG is bringing them up to mark by introducing a new smart antenna that uses next generation ATSC 3.0 wireless network technology that can handle high standard broadcast signals with ease.

Part of this new generation technology is the ability to combine interactive features with 4K High Def data and distribute the output via Wi-Fi.

In addition to the Wi-Fi Distribution, the antenna also works on a uni-directional array system which uses electronic steering logic to improve reception indoors.

By doing this, people inside the house are able to receive high definition content without the need for rooftop mounting.

What this means is that, with further development this technology could easily be placed inside TV’s, Projectors and other home entertainment units.

This sort of technology is definitely an improvement over the ATSC 1.0 and DVB-T standards which are currently being across the globe.

Despite it’s advancements and rapid development, LG still hasn’t made it clear as to when the ATSC 3.0 standard, along with LG’s antenna would actually become available for adoption by customers worldwide.

However, it still gives us an interesting look into the future of entertainment and how we will interact with the next generation of media.

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Posted on : 25 Jun 2016 @ 14:10

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