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[Wearable Device Records Brainwave Data And Sends It To Your Phone]

For years, headphones have only been used as devices that let you listen to songs and make phone calls. But now a new product is trying to revolutionize the category and turn any average person into amateur neuroscientists.

Created by United Sciences, this gadget is called the Aware, and in addition to being a headphone it is also a Brain Mapping device.

The earbuds on the device are equipped with special sensors that record the electrical activity of the brain and send the data directly to smartphones via Bluetooth.

This amazing invention easily outpaces regular EEG recording methods, which have to use as many as 256 electrodes to gather the same amount of data.

This data is then processed by the Aware app, which uses graphic displays to display real time changes in brain activity as well as many more bodily functions such as heart rate, calorie expenditure etc.

To ensure that the data collection is accurate, the earbuds are 3-D Printed to fit each user’s unique ear anatomy, which also makes them quite comfortable.

All this data can not only be used to understand the immediate effect of different stimulus on the brain, but can also prove instrumental in conducting long term studies on various diseases, without any outside interference.

As expected, the product is still under the testing phase, but you can still pre-order one for yourself from Aware’s Kickstarter Page for just $99.

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Posted on : 03 Jun 2016 @ 20:59

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