BattleView 360 Augmented Reality System

[Advanced Headset Lets Users See Through Tank Armor]

In the field of battle, complete awareness of one’s surroundings can play a big role in saving countless lives. This is especially important for soldiers who operate tanks, as they are often constricted due to the reinforced walls.

To remove this obstacle, a company called BAE Systems has developed a state of the art Augmented Reality System called the BattleView 360.

The system is designed after the F-35 helmets used by fighter pilots, and lets the user see through the body of the tank itself with the help of sensors and lenses mounted on the hull.

The input from these sources is collected and organized through digital mapping softwares which then display the surroundings in both 2D and 3D, essentially making the tank see through.

The user can control the display through just the headset and a tablet, thus giving them an option for real time surveillance without the need for risking their lives.

In addition to being able to see through the tank walls, the users also get the option of receiving updates from their allies on the field, letting them know about mission updates, terrain conditions and enemy positions.

This can help the soldiers inside the tank find the best route to navigate through the battlefield while avoiding ambushes and helping their allies at the same time.

These benefits would certainly help the commanders inside the tank create more efficient battle plans, which they can easily share with other tanks and their headquarters through the headset itself.

The company has made sure to make BattleView 360 compatible with all military vehicles, so that there isn’t a gap in the existing intelligence infrastructure. It goes without saying that once all existing and new military vehicles get fitted with this system, it’s going to radically transform the art of warfare.

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Posted on : 16 Jun 2016 @ 01:55

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