Cancer Killing Protein

[New Kind Of Protein Causes Cancer Cell Suicide]

Cancer is a disease that grows rapidly and destroys the entire body from inside out. If not treated in early stages, it can grow to become incurable.

Up until now, the only hope patients had for survival was early detection. Once of the ways of Cancer Detection is looking for Integrin αVβ₃, a transmembrane receptor which is mostly found in abnormal cells which can turn cancerous.

While this did help in detection, it didn’t however give us any method of actually killing these cells before they could do much harm; until now.

Now, scientists have designed a new form of protein called ProAgio, which specially targets Integrin αVβ₃, not just for cancer detection, but also for cancer treatment.

Once the protein is introduced to the system, it’s only job is to located abnormal cells that contain Integrin αVβ₃.

When the Integrin αVβ₃ is found, the protein attaches to the cancerous cells and then uses an enzyme called Caspase 8 to cause that cell to Self-Destruct.

This method was tested by researchers on mice with tumors. It was found that ProAgio was highly effective in reducing tumor blood vessels, without affecting existing blood vessels.

In addition to it’s cancer killing abilities, it was also observed that the protein was not toxic to healthy mouse tissue at all.

These results show great promise for a truly viable cure for cancer. The researchers are now preparing for further testing, with human trails still in the distant future.

We just hope that the research goes through positively, so that we can finally have a true cure for a disease that kills thousands of people every year.

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Posted on : 15 Jun 2016 @ 02:04

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