Charge A Smartphone Through A Plant

[Bioo Lite Plant Charges Electronics Through Photosynthesis]

Renewable energy is a field that the whole world is focusing on right now. A lot of our ideas about this field come from nature itself.

Nature has lots and lots of smart little systems put in place to make sure that whatever it creates has the energy to sustain itself.

One of the most basic, yet widespread system of renewable energy in nature is the process of photosynthesis, through which plants power themselves.

A lot of our work on solar energy is based on the way plants are able to convert sunlight into energy through this process.

Now, a company called Arkyne Tech claims to have found a way to directly tap into this process and give the power produced to you.

Their way of accomplishing this goal is in the form of a special pot called the Bioo Lite, which uses nanowires to harness the power of Photosynthesis.

As we know, photosynthesis uses sunlight to turn CO2 and water into oxygen and organic compounds. Bacteria in the pot breaks these compounds to release electrons which are then sucked in by the nanowires.

The electricity produced through this process is then funneled through a USB port, which you can then use to charge any electronics with ease.

Although there isn’t any exact figure on the energy production capacity, the company claims that you can charge a device atleast three times with this pot.

How long it takes to charge the device depends on the size of the battery on the device, but we are sure it will be more than enough for most regular electronics.

There is also the matter of plant selection, as different plants offer different amounts of production capacity. So make sure to select your plant carefully and take good care of it.

Some might find this invention a bit cumbersome to own and maintain, but for those who value low electricity bills and environmental causes, this is a dream come true. If you too are one of these people, you can pre-order the pot from the companies IndieGoGo Page for 99 Euros.

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