Chinese Land Airbus

[Bus That Travels Over Traffic To Debut In China By The End Of The Year]

The concept of a bus that can drive over traffic is not a new one. But now, a Beijing-based company called Transport Explore Bus has decided to bring that concept closer to reality, by revealing a scale model of the Land Airbus.

This animated concept is just a preview of a full-size trial version, which is expected to be seen running in Chinese cities around August this year. The trail model is already under construction expected to ride on rails that sit on each side of the road at a height of around two meters.

This would allow car and SUV’s to drive under it easily. However, large buses and trucks would not be able to pass through it, therefore making any potential tracks highly restrictive.

The Land Airbus would move at a relatively slow pace of 37 m/h (60km/h), but is expected to excel in human-carrying capacity, with a potential 1400 People riding at the same time.

This high seating capacity and the easy placement of the rails would allow one airbus to replace at least 40 conventional buses, thus saving lots of money in transport and infrastructure costs.

These sort of alternative mass transit systems are expected to revolutionize the way people travel in densely populated cities. The next step would be to try and find a way of running these sort of systems on solar energy, thereby making them totally self sustainable.

But those sort of developments are still a long way down the road. For now, all we can do is wait to see if the current iteration of this amazing concept can prove executionable in reality.

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Posted on : 12 Jun 2016 @ 12:21

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