CryoScan3D Foot Scanner

[A Foot Scanner For Custom Color Scans]

Getting quality scans of feet is very important for podiatrists. It helps them create custom and dynamic orthoses for their patients which fit the person perfectly, thus reducing discomfort.

To make this process a lot more accurate and faster, Cryos Technologies, a company out of Quebec, Canada, is releasing a new foot scanner called the CryoScan3D Scanner.

The scanner has the ability to perform accurate scans while the patients are in full, semi and non-weight bearing positions, thus delivering high quality colored scans in the first attempt.

This marks a remarkable improvement over current 3D scanning technologies, which rely heavily on the ability of the patient to not move while being scanned.

This accuracy removes the need for multiple scans, as well as makes messy plaster casts obsolete, making the whole process of scanning a lot more scalable in a lot less time.

The patient data can also be transmitted easily, so that patients don’t need to carry physical copies of their scans everywhere they go.

If you are a podiatrist who could make use of such a machine, you can go to the Cryos Website and inquire about it.

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Posted on : 13 Jun 2016 @ 22:10

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