Dissolvable Brain Implants

[Researchers Develop Electronic Implants That Dissolve On Their Own]

Any treatments or experiments involving the brain are carried out very carefully owing to the complex and fragile nature of the brain.

While brain surgery as a field of medicine has come very far from it’s origins in terms of complexity, there are some aspects the doctors are still afraid to explore.

One of these elements is the use of Electronic Implants in the monitoring and treatment of various parts of the brain.

The reason for this hesitation is the fact that existing electrodes begin losing their efficiency, the longer they remain inside the head.

The only resort for dealing with these defective electrodes is to take them out of the brain through another surgery, which can be risky in itself.

Now, a team of Researchers from University of Pennsylvania and University of Illinois have come up with a new type of electrode to deal with this issue.

These new Intra-Cranial Electrodes provide a solution to the problem by the virtue that, they have the ability to dissolve and wash out of the body once they have done their job.

They can be customized in their length and thickness based on the amount of work they have to do, and the amount of time they will spend in the brain doing that work.

This theory has already been tested on the brain of rats, where they proved quite effective in measuring their brain waves and other vital functions.

The researchers hope that with further development, this technology could one day be used for both diagnostic and therapeutic applications in humans as well.

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Posted on : 20 Jun 2016 @ 00:56

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