Doctors Can Now Treat Malfunctioning Placenta

[Unique Approach Lets Doctors Deliver Medicine Straight To The Placenta]

Pregnancy is a very delicate time for both the mother and the unborn child. It is very important for healthy delivery that everything in the body functions perfectly.

This is where a poorly functioning placenta can cause extreme complications, as the baby is not able to get the support it needs to grow properly. This leads to premature births, which in turn increases the risk of diseases and infections.

Now, doctors have developed a unique way to treat this issue of Malfunctioning Placenta‘s by directly feeding it drugs that would improve it’s function.

What makes this process so unique and strange is the fact that they figured out this method by treating the placenta as if it was a kind of tumour.

The researchers drew this parallel, since the behavior of the placenta is already like that of a well-controlled tumour, as they can grow quickly while easily avoiding the immune system.

So, just like they would treat a potential tumour, the scientists used tumour-targeting peptides called CGKRK and iRGD, to find and deliver drugs directly to the placenta.

They tested this theory through experiments with pregnant mice, and found that the peptides were able to easily target the placental tissue, and deliver specially formulated growth hormones to improve the function of the organ.

This is quite a promising development, as with future research, this could potentially become a great solution for helping human babies to term without any complications.

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Posted on : 21 Jun 2016 @ 10:17

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